Sunday, December 25, 2011

These Shoes Are Made For Dancing!

Merry Christmas to all that celebrate this wildly varied holiday.  For the first time, I spent my Christmas Eve day with just one person.  My fiance, Theo :)  Walking through downtown and around the pier, the air was so different.  The people who were out weren't rushing around.  Not a lot of noise and chatter - people were literally strolling... everywhere.  As someone who's lived the downtown city life for almost 10 years, I rarely see people stroll.   I have always spent the eve of Christmas in the suburbs, away from the city hustle, cozied down in a big couch watching National Lampoon's  Christmas Vacation.  Its funny how every family has their own traditions and rituals.  This Christmas Eve was different but still just as cozy and absolutely wonderful.

I was also wearing a festive outfit.  Didn't feel like strolling in heels so I popped on a pair of 
glossy tap shoes. 

These fabulous tap shoes were $5 at Goodwill and I got the ribbons at a sewing shop.  The bow around my waist is a tie to an old knit robe... perfect as a thick warm winter bow for this silk dress. 
And this is me bein' me.  You can put me in a dress but I'll still act a fool!  

dress: Banana Republic / cardigan: Victoria's Secret / hosiery: Agent Provocateur /
tap shoes: Goodwill / leather jacket: Ever

 It is now officially 2 hours into Christmas and here I am blogging.  Dedication, right?  Let's hope so.  I have been so wired and inspired by everything lately.  Keep visiting for more mixes and matches of me and my Tiny Closet.  2012 will be chock full of both!  And I hope you are having a wonderful day :)

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  1. Beautiful & fun photos! you look lovely and your shoes are very cool! Hope you had a wonderful xmas!

  2. So cute! What a great idea with the ribbon for the shoes.... happy holidays!

  3. wow I love your outfit!!! Your dress is so gorgeous! and I love your photos :)

    I absolutely love the shoes
    (insert violins) I actually had a very similar pair that i wore SO much WITH everything for Yeeeaaarrrss and they finally ripped :( havent found a new pair yet, but I Wont Stop Looking