Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Tiny Closet Chronicles

My adventure begins.  Hello sun, white sands, crystal clear ocean and my very first


Today was a silver lining as I have been sick (like in my bed, quarantined) for a few weeks.  Yes, weeks! Horrible.  But this morning, right on time, as if it was by design, I woke up feeling almost as good as new.   Which is a good thing because I am flying to the Philippines tonight and given my previous state, me on a 14 hour plane ride would not have been pretty.  

Have you missed me?  I hope so because I've so missed sharing with you!!  And all this time I've been keeping some very exciting news while tucked away in bed.  I will share in due time.  Speaking of the Philippines and my very first resort collection, I will be visiting the first while gradually attaining the second.  Or haven't you heard?  Check out my previous post about my travel plans here.  And of course I will continue to chronicle my adventures overseas and share video and pics of my evolving Tiny Closet.  As my constitution of wardrobe policy has not changed, my Tiny Closet will remain lil so the pieces I add will be stellar and worth talking about. 

So!  Charge iPod, paid last parking ticket, hugged parents...  Now, its me and Theo and lots of amazing resort wear for 3 months!

This sick puppy is now as happy as a clam :)

  Keep visiting for more fun updates as I travel through Thailand and Japan!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day #1 The Morning After`

Instead of nursing my partied body and mourning the loss of brain cells from the night before, the light of the new year was more thoughtfully observed than years passed.  Theo and I went out to breakfast this morning to enjoy an old favorite, a cafe/restaurant called Odd Fellows.  This place is wide open spaces with pillar high windows, antique photographs, long wooden communal tables and a huge wine rack in the back.

No makeup, no heels - just a cozy, quiet, partly sunny morning with 
something sweet to sip on the side...

Because like Rachel Zoe says, "True glamour comes from within."

Conveniently hiding hours of no sleep and no concealer under my Ann Klein sunglasses. 

My Christmas was absolutely wonderful and thank you for the well wishes :)  After almost a full week away from my Tiny Closet, I have returned awake and refreshed.  Reviewing my plans for the new year for my lil' wardrobe, can't wait for things to unfold!  Are you taking the bait?  Okay fine, if you insist, I'll share a sliver of the details:

1.  My sewing and design projects have graduated past secret and will be coming more into focus for 2012

2.  I have decided to face my fears and yes, wear jewelry!  You'll see me rocking some complimentary statement hardware this year so prepare to be encouraging impressed.

3.  I have to find a wedding dress.... my adventure in accomplishing this will be fun and you're all invited

Excited?  Me too!

Thank you so much for visiting and...
Happy New Year!