Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This is 30

It's my birthday.
My 30th birthday, to be exact and I have been waiting for this day since I was 19 years old.  

Why?  Hm, well let's see....  

I've always imagined my thirties to be the more evolved, improved, more attractive version of my twenties.  As I suspected, on my 20th birthday, my twenties did end up being messy, painfully rookie, chock full of mind-boggling growth and awwwwkkkwwwaaaaard.   Whew!  Let's have a do-over, shall we?  Enter my thirties.  The perfect do-over I think.

Yes, yes, so I survived the terrible tumultuous twenties and more importantly, picked up a few special treasures and charms
throughout the decade to thoroughly enjoy for my thirties.  A few of which being:

Self Respect
The art of saying no.  Refinery29 listed this as one of the most important things your 30s teaches you.  It think I got a head start and I plan to master it before the end of this decade.

I finally found something I truly, adoringly believe in.  It's the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I muse over before falling asleep:
Style, fashion and designing clothing.  Took me 30 years to find it and now I'm fixin' to have me some fun!! 

Where would I be without each and every one of them?  If I did anything right during my twenties, it was solidifying some amazing homegirls.
My absolutely fabulous wine cellar of women friends just keep getting better and even more valuable with age.

My Man
He is an incredible force of miraculous love, inspiration and laughter.  I can't imagine a better life than the one I have by his side.

So blah blah blah, on to what I am wearing!  What better day to wear my tutu, wouldn't you say?

It was starting to sulk in the back of my Tiny Closet after I wore it in this post and as I was pondering what to wear for my first day of being 30, I realized - girl you better wear that tutu!  

Of course, in Tiny style, I chose my trusty Catherine Malandrino eyelet dress and my cropped AE denim jacket.
Two items I have paired with numerous other pieces and are very much adored staples. 

So!  For my birthday, I have one humble request for you:
as many of you are already in your 30s and 40s,  I would LOVE to hear what you have to say about it!!

Any advice on entering well-equipped for my 30s, yall?  Any words of warning?  Let me know your secret!

And as always, have an absolutely wonderful week.  Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

My L.A. Summer Uniform

Why have I never thought of this ensemble before??  I've had this maxi dress (which for this post, has been made into a skirt) for nearly two years, the tank is a basic staple, my wedges I've worn countless times and the belt is a fave.  And it took me this long to come up with such a simple, cool, amazingly comfy look?  

Eh, I guess I thought it up at the perfect time.  It's quite an L.A. look anyway :)

tank: Jockey / belt: Forever 21 / skirt: All Saints / wedges: Trouve / sunnies: RayBan

I've been enjoying the downtown peace for the Memorial holiday today.  Since Theo will be shooting til the afternoon, I plan to wear this ensemble to go out in afterward.  To Venice Beach, a downtown bar, the movies, or I dunno, I gotta wear it somewhere, it's simply perfect for me!   An absolutely effortless outfit.

So, I've been mentally planning for tomorrow for about a decade.  I can't believe it's already here.  I'll tell ya all about it later but for now, I'm enjoying the moments leading up.  Everyone is out of the city, celebrating the holiday, no tourists, no traffic, I'm going to continue sketching and sewing and I'll be back tomorrow to share, share, share!  

...And show yet another new outfit put together from a very Tiny Closet :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just Add Leather

This recent purchase I made, a flirty chic white dress with dolman sleeves, was planned to be a hot little Summer dress for happy hour and dinner dates.  Shame on me for only thinking I'd wear it with some sandals and a glam belt and that would be that... I mean this is The Tiny Closet.  And this dress is meant for more.

Since it's been cold and cloudy lately, I thought I'd add some thicker elements to this light piece.

Some leather here, some leather there and here I am!

Feeling warmer but still Summery I'd say, yes?

The leather toppings I chose was a graphite motor jacket, a leather covered spike belt and....

leather jacket: Muubaa / dress: Fluxxus / belt: Forever 21 / heels: thrifted / sunnies: RayBan

My faithful cowgirl-esque, bootie-like heels :)

The moment this downer weather clears and the sun really starts beating down, I will have to show you the swimsuits I've been putting together.  
I went to three different places in search of the perfect two piece.  Mixing and matching! 

Keep visiting to see the outcome of my pursuits! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Candy Wrapper Colors

Off to the movies with two of my favorite guys, I had no time to dress in the outfit I'd intended.  Plus, speed walking, in the sun, in woven strappy sandals so Theo wouldn't miss grabbing the best seat and watching all the previews didn't sound like a blast so I chose a jersey tank dress and some Chucks in order to keep up.  

The ensemble for that outing will be in another post perhaps, but for Monday, I was still stuck to the idea of coral, yellow, orange and pink.  All together...  Like a candy wrapper!

Hope you are having a wonderful week so far!
Thanks so much for visiting :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Jumpsuit

In anticipation for our move to L.A., I bought this fabulous maxi jumpsuit during a thrifting trip last Fall.  The moment I saw it, I had to have it!  
In fact, I couldn't wait to wear it so in February, the dead of Winter, I went ahead and debuted it anyway with a long sleeve top here.  

Sunday evening, I decided it was finally time to wear it, bare arms and all :)  

I chose to wear it as a halter instead of  over the shoulders as the way it was designed.  I simply tucked in the back straps and let it drape.   Halters work better for my build.  Why wear something that doesn't fully flatter your shape?   I am always attempting to tailor my clothing to make it fit for me, even in the smallest ways.
And I definitely keep that in mind when I go thrifting.

I love the evening tone of this item.  And it could look a lot more formal if I'd wanted but last night, I  decided some cork wedges would keep it casual for just evening drinks in Little Tokyo.

I am a one piece's biggest fan.

And I continue to promise myself that I will get more jumpers and playsuits and don't.  Now that I'm in perma-sun weather however, if I can pop on just one statement piece and go, that's reason enough to make a small collection for my Tiny wardrobe.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Muumuu 2.0

I've decided to finally work to materialize, one by one, all of the random clothing design ideas I've been thinking up.  One random idea being a hybrid version of a muumuu.

If you followed me during my trip through the Philippines, you know how in love I am with muumuus, or, house dresses.  Also, since I'm in permanent pool weather now, I have been settling my attention for the first time on swimsuit coverups.  Coverups have never appealed to me before, I think because the concept of them was just never applicable to my lifestyle (stepping from the pool into some glitzy sandals and a coverup to grab a drink at a nearby beach bar or to take a stroll on the boardwalk - yeah, I can say I've literally never needed to do that before) until now.

So - with our rooftop pool and 90 degree weather in the shade, I am finding my beloved muumuus to be a bit overbearing with their full coverage and heavier fabric.  And while I like the sexy femininity of a sarong or coverup, it has no place in the city at dinner or happy hour.  

I  wanted something more transitional and multi-purpose than a suit coverup or a muumuu.

So I created this:

Sheer like a coverup.  Loungy like a muumuu.  Full coverage in the design.

This completely sheer fabric is certainly fit for throwing over a swimsuit at the beach or pool but it's also been designed as a muumuu, specifically with its length and fullness, so I will also love throwing it on over a bra and leggings, like you see above to run to the store or do whatever I'd like in the city.  
Or I can simply wear it over my undergarments when chilling at home.

I wanted something sexier, prettier, something elegant to look at.

So while I am definitely still attached to all the more traditional muumuus I've collected over the past year, creating the muumuu 2.0 gives me a more transitional piece to wear stylishly everywhere.  In fact, I went to dinner in this particular piece.  Popped on my cropped jacket and oxfords and headed out to celebrate a bday.  I love when clothing is dynamic!  Don't you?

Such is the Tiny Closet way...

I will definitely be wearing my new and improved muumuus all Summer long so if you're needing to see more pictures, come back next week!!  
I will surely have more for your viewing pleasure :) 

Thursday, May 16, 2013


With each month that goes by, I've been feeling increasingly bolder and more daring with my clothing choices...  And with Summer here beating down on us, it's easy to just give up on covering up - too hot to care!  

That being said though, I think this is the most daring outfit I've worn to date.  

And I know you L.A. girls are all probably laughing - this is practically a uniform the way I see women rocking this look everyday.  
You Cali ladies are contagious!  Showin all that skin, frolicking down the street without a care.  
I wanna play too!

I actually put this super simple ensemble together right after work in preparation for a midweek happy hour with Theo.  As I've told you before, he loves this jersey skirt - for it's obvious qualities of course and I love it for it's ultra comfiness... and I also love Alexander Wang to bits.

And these wedges!  I accepted years ago that I have short legs.  

But I don't accept wearing shoes that make them look even shorter!  And that also includes shoes with thick ankle straps like the ones you don't see here.  
Why?  Because I cut them off.  Straps cut short the fluidity of the leg.  On everyone.  
And it's fine if you're Heidi Klume yes, but since my legs don't have much real estate, I cut the straps off these wedges for the sake of looking longer.  

Like Heidi, yes?  ;-)

bandeau: F&F / skirt: T by Alexander Wang / wedges: Trouve / necklace: Heavenly Couture / earrings: Tory Burch

While posing a la mid drift and heels, we saw our roommate and bestie relaxing, minding his own business.  He's always so stylish and I love that we always look like twins in photos so of course, we invaded and had an impromptu photo shoot :)  Between Theo and Chris, I'm in such fashionable company.

I'll be finishing up some fun little coverups for the Summer months that you may be interested in checking out tomorrow!  

oh who am I kidding?
You're going to adore them!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Little Bit Country

My cropped denim vest is proving to be more useful than I thought...

As a topping to my parachute style maxi Summer dress, I realized it goes almost too fittingly with the ikat printing and overall design of the dress.  A very desert, South West look, yeah?  All I was missing was cowboy boots.  But no, I chose house slippers as I was just dressed to accompany Theo to pick up some Chinese food down the street after getting off from work.  You can't see them... which is probably a good thing :)

denim vest: thrift & altered (used to be this) / dress: All Saints

Been loving my new gig at my favorite fabric store :)
Fabrics day in and day out y'all.  Learning a lot about the textile biz so you're girl is pretty happy over here.  Happy and tired!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Changing Things Up

I thought I would change my hair.  For once.  

It was fun :)  Leave it to me though to make an afro-hawk into an updo.  My hair has grown deceptively long so in order to avoid looking like Aunty Entity of Thunder Dome, I bundled up the back of my hawk and pinned it in.... the alteration sort of turned it girly and fancy.

And with this new hair do, this change in perspective, while putting on my chevron mini to go to happy hour last night, I decided to change my routine as well.  Like I've said in the past, I always dress down anything short or sexy.  So instead of wearing my usual brogues or oxfords with my mini last night, I decided to wear a pair of spike heeled sandals.  Yeah baby. 

tee: Asos.com / chevron skirt: The Tiny Closet Collection / sandals: Jimmy Choo for H&M

I debuted this skirt earlier with a crop top.  Needless to say now though, with a mini skirt and stilettos, I had no need for a cropped top.  Could you imagine?  Yikes.  Instead, I chose just the opposite - a drapey flowing tee.  Yes please!

These spicy lil sandals never get old.  I got them on the first day the Jimmy Choo collabo line became available at H&M and then I never wore them.  When I decided to either chuck them or rock them, I never would've thought there would be so many possibilities with the latter.  I'm glad I kept them around.  I have also worn them here:

And on another note, it is finally swimsuit season!  Which means I am brewing up some ideas for swimwear that will be stylish, simple, and have.... an element of surprise.  

Can't wait to share!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

From Work to Play

Wearing a repurposed vintage item, I decided this time to dress the floral romper with a more sophisticated approach...hopefully.  With my linen pointy toe wedges and my all-season tweed blazer,  my romper, while always worn for play, was this time ready for a casual work day.

We spent yesterday evening on the roof sighing over the view.  It never gets old.  And on days when I'm tired and spent, the downtown L.A. skyline is an instant peace bringer.  
Thought I would share some of the view with you... again :)

By itself, this once frumpy midi dress, turned elegant romper is perfect for brunch, casual dates, personal days and even a work meeting here and there.

 wedges: Castaner / earrings: Frencesca's Closet / belt: Zara Man / all other other items were thrifted 

This romper was actually very easy to make from the dress it was.  (You can get a better view here).   As L.A. slides deeper into Summer weather, I plan to find some more vintage dresses to remake as a my daily easy breezy staple!  More on that later :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Much To Do In a Mini

Tying up loose ends before my *big day, I hurried around all Tuesday morning and afternoon, cleaning, shipping, grocery shopping and getting to the bottom of the latest scenes in Game of Thrones (not Rose!!).   Digging through my leggings box (I so need a dresser) I again, came across my denim cut off mini skirt, 
an item I bought on a careless whim with a large gift card I received in a contest.

So instead of wearing my ritual leggings, hoodie, and Pumas to sprint through my to do list, I decided to girl it up a bit and swap my leggings for this denim mini I am always overlooking.

Oddly enough, I never really know how to dress a denim mini skirt.  I have a knee-jerk reaction with anything revealing or "mini" to downplay, downplay so - 
I guess it was only natural to put this skirt with some running shoes and a modern hoodie. 

So instead of permeating "laundry day" vibes while waiting in line at the post office, I felt cute, sporty and feminine.  Put together, yes?

denim skirt: Paper Denim / hoodie: Asos.com / shoes: Puma

About my big day, *as you probably already know, I frequent the Garment District all. the. time..   I am thankful that I live a glorious short walk away and because of that, the fabric stores are my second home.  So when I was finally offered a job at one of my favorite stores, I took it!

Working in textiles, crafts and sewing, I will now be immersed daily at one of my most favorite places in the universe.  Starting today!  So wish me luck and fun :)

I've got some awesome new projects coming up so keep visiting!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Silk For Days

A few months ago a friend of mine asked if I'd be interested in designing a dress for her to wear for an upcoming feature performance.  Thrilled at such an undertaking, I felt only the flood of enthusiasm and creativity that comes first (and none of the normal uncertainty and hesitation that comes second with most rational folk) as I instantly promised to whip up something short of amazing.  Yay for the rookie-can-do attitude!

You know you're a beginner at a craft when you think you can do anything.... oy.  

For this beautiful, leggy, swan-like chanteuse, the design I chose was halter... with lots of leg slits!  The material - why, silk of course.  
Basically, I had no idea what I gotten myself into!

I am so incredibly thankful I dove in feet first on this project though.  I mean I'm clearly still learning but if I hadn't agreed to such a request, 
I would never have been crazy enough to create this:

Yep, this project has been my bestie for the past few weeks but sadly I didn't allow enough time at the end to find a 5'10" model to wear this dress for display soooooooo 
I got my 5' self a stool and popped it on.  Silk for days, folks.

My first custom gown work but I really hope believe she will look marvelous in it!

If any of you ladies are in Alexandria, Virginia on Mother's Day, take your mom to the Carlyle Club where my talented friend, Ife will be singing in a Sade tribute concert... 

And wearing this dress :)

My Favorite Things

Crop tops and harem pants.  Over the 90 degree weather weekend, I wore them together.

Why didn't I do this sooner??

I repurposed a denim tank dress as a cropped denim tank.  I've had crop-top fever lately and since I hadn't worn this item as a dress in ages anyway, I thought I'd reinvent it before throwing it out for good...I actually think it may have been better as a dress though :-/   What do you think?  

Eh, you repurpose, you learn I suppose. 

crop denim tank: thrift/repurposed / bangles: Philippines / sunnies: RayBan / harem pants: Philippines / wedges: Castaner

These harems however, will never get old.   I swear it!  This is #2 of 6 in my growing collection.  These can actually cover my body as a tube jumper.  But that look really is for the beach I think.  I love the elegant drape they have when worn as pants.  

And they actually pair beautifully with my linen lace up wedges. This is a comfy outfit all in all.  The crop was a bit high so I wore a casual lace bustier type bra underneath.  
You can actually see it peaking  out from under which is kinda fun :)

...In other news, I am FINALLY finished with a wonderful project I've been focusing on as of late.  Can't wait to show you tomorrow the long awaited fruit of my labor.  
It was so fun and I learned a ton so please come visit again tomorrow to check it out!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend :)